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  Please do not be intimidated by the shopping cart as it is here to help you, not intimidate you. There is nothing that you can do to cause any problems to the cart or to yourself. It is very user friendly and nothing will happen that you can not control, until you choose the payment options and click the 'Submit' button.

Even then, you will have time to change your mind. Just send us a follow up e-mail on what you want or you can even cancel the order with no problems. We are very flexible here and always cater to the wishes of you, our customer.

You can even take the shopping cart for a test drive by adding "test" after your name. We will not ship anything and nothing will be charged to anything and you will be liable for nothing.


  • Our site is scanned and certified daily by McAfee Secure to help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.

  • Our site is secured with a GoDaddy Web Server Certificate. Transactions on our site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption (the same used for banks).

  • On-Line Credit Card orders are processed by our shopping-cart through Sage Payment Solutions Virtual Terminal or PayPal, whichever you choose.

  • Your orders are then sent to us (encrypted, minus the credit card number, to protect your content from malicious users) from our secure server thru our GnuPG Encryption Technology Software.

  • When we receive the order in-house, thru our router and firewall of our Windows 2003 Small Business Server, it is then decrypted by our PGP Decryption Technology software.

  • All orders, (except On-Line Orders) are processed in-house with our Peachtree Premium Accounting 2011 for Distribution Software thru the Sage Payment Solutions Virtual Terminal. We have chosen to process everything in-house, (except On-Line Orders) because of the following  reasons.
    1.  We are able to check for Credit Card Fraud before processing the Credit Card. (At least 1% of our overseas orders are done with fraudulent credit cards and even some in the USA). We also prosecute credit card fraud.
    3.  We do not process your credit card until the day the goods ship. If an item is on backorder, your credit card is not charged until the item ships.
    2.  We also process all call-in, mail-in, and faxed-in orders in the same way.

Buy Now: The little button is your friend. You can click on the buy now button at anytime, anywhere, and find out the true price on a item. Sometimes if an item is on special, it will only be changed on the Buy Now button. It may not be changed on the regular page as the page maintenance can get very high for something on special for a short period of time. The Buy Now button should always be the correct price.

Also, when you click on it, it just goes to an Add Item Page. After you click add to cart, it just deposits that item and quantity into your shopping cart. This happens to be only your shopping cart and if you decide to leave for a little while, we will save your shopping cart for 5 weeks, waiting for your return. When you return, just add anything to the cart to see what you have there. You will be able to modify the cart any way you want to. You can add to the cart, delete items from the cart, change quantities on individual items. It is your cart, you can do what ever you need to do before completing your order.

Return to Previous Page:  If you click the 'Return to Previous Page' button, it will take you back to the page where you clicked the Buy Now button. That way, you will have less chance of getting lost on the web site.

Recalculate the Total:  This button simply recalculates the total anytime that you want. It is normally used after you have changed the quantities, but can be used at any time.

Empty the Cart: This button simply removes everything from the cart so you can start over if you need to. You can also click the 'Remove' button to remove individual items from the cart.

Shop Some More:  This button simply takes you back to the home page. You can also click on the Logo at any page and it will take you back to the home page.

Check-Out and Secure Check-Out:  If you are not purchasing by credit card and do not mind your information being disseminated over the internet, you can choose 'Check-Out' and your order will process faster. Otherwise, always choose 'Secure Check-out' which will be totally secure as you can tell by the lock on your computer.


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